maandag 21 november 2016

eduScrum in Spain

I guess it is about 2 years ago I got contacted by Sylvain Loubradou. He had come across our efforts in eduScrum and would like to discuss some opportunities in Spain. On a nice beach just south of Barcelona we met over a nice cold beer to exchange interesting stories and efforts we both made in Agility in Education. Ever since we have been in touch we frequently discussed our stories and experiences. So we did in October, sipping over a nice coffee in one of the trendy bars in Girona. Sylvain, who is an Agile Coach and provides classess in Agility at a Barcelona University, was going to present at an event for teachers on Agility in schools and invited me to join.
Ever since our guide was translated in Spanish, more than two years ago, there has not been a concrete opportunity to spread our experiences in Spain. So I was delighted to participate in this event. To tell teachers about eduScrum, but also to learn and gain insights on how these teachers were embracing innovation in the classroom. The idea was simple, yet powerfull. There would be 5 different tracks on Agility related topics and 5 teams moving around the tables in rounds of about 30 minutes. In one of these tracks, Agile Methods, me and Sylvain would share our experiences on Agility Methods, and eduScrum in particular. Unfortunately Sylvain had to shift priorities. The night before the event he was told that he had a camera crew coming to his place for a documentary on Home Schooling. It was a difficult choice but the only good one he could make, to skip the event. Luckily for me he would be at the campus in the morning to introduce me to some of the key people in organising the event.